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The Loneliest by Cache Type

Geocaches Age Finds Pts
Sunrise Lake by Whoda Thunk It
Madison county, MT
9 years
3 months
1 931
A Ace Inflight Twist Polo Pony by JacobBarlow
Salt Lake City region, Salt Lake county, UT
8 years
7 months
0 864
Fossil out of Place in Cataract Canyon by weeds19
Slickrock region, Garfield county, UT
7 years 0 708
A Bermuda Triangle? by Ourark
Zion region, Iron county, UT
6 years
6 months
1 656
3 For 1 by weeds19
Great Basin region, White Pine county, NV
5 years
5 months
2 271
Death Valley region, CA
13 years
11 months
6 233
Bloods Lake Overlook by The NightFox
Wasatch region, Wasatch county, UT
2 years
2 months
0 221
Beautiful Downtown Gerlach Webcam by 4wheeler
Lahontan region, Washoe county, NV
11 years
3 months
196 6
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